Suffolk Community College Foundation Scholarships

Each year, the Suffolk Community College Foundation transfers hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarship aid to current and prospective Suffolk County Community College students. This is made possible by caring SCCC alumni, parents, friends and employees, as well as generous leaders of corporations and foundations, who believe that deserving students should have a quality education without the financial burden.

Many SCCC students depend on financial aid in the form of scholarships, grants or loans. A gift to the SCC Foundation helps students who otherwise might not have the opportunity to attend or continue their studies at SCCC.

The Foundation has a number of scholarships available ranging to assist students with the rising cost of tuition, textbooks and fees associated with attending college. Scholarships are awarded based on various criterions, including but not limited to financial need, academic performance, community service, and extracurricular activities. Students are encouraged to visit the Suffolk County Community College scholarship website to view all scholarship opportunities currently available: The actual selection process is coordinated by both campus and college wide scholarship committees.

For more information on establishing a scholarship, visit our scholarship page or contact the SCC Foundation directly at 631-451-4846 and a staff member will assist you. If you would like to make a contribution online, please visit


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