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The Honors Program offers interdisciplinary learning opportunities for academically talented and highly motivated students. It is grounded in the traditions of the liberal arts and stresses the connections among various disciplines and the tools of artistic and intellectual creativity.

"The Honors College: Launching You to the College of Your Dreams" Career Focus


Dear Honors Program Alumni,


As a Suffolk County Community College (SCCC) Honors Program alumni, you represent our best and brightest students.  You experienced transformative opportunities for intellectual growth and achievement, in small, challenging classes that encouraged active participation, discussion and collaboration in the search for knowledge.  We know that your time at SCCC has led you to achieve success that reaches far beyond our campus.


I can say without hesitation that my success at Cornell University and admission to Georgetown Law is attributable to the writing and critical thinking capacities that I fostered in the Honors Program at Suffolk.  The professors and administrators truly went above and beyond the call of duty to refine the skills in me necessary to thrive at any level of education.” ~ Kyle Brewster, Honors Program 2012


The Honors Program has grown tremendously and currently enrolls over 600 students who are engaged in interdisciplinary learning opportunities at each of our three campuses.  This enrollment growth revealed the need for additional scholarship support.

"Coming from a difficult economic situation, I didn’t have much opportunity to excel until I met the wonderful people within the Honors Program.  In addition to being an SCCC Honors Scholarship recipient, I am now a Jack Kent Cooke Scholar--one of the most competitive undergraduate transfer scholarships in the nation.  As a Junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I know that Suffolk's Honor Program will always be a place that I call home." ~ Steven Curcio, Honors Program 2015

We need your help to keep providing opportunities for promising Honors Program scholars by making a donation to the Honors Alumni Scholarship Fund.   By investing in the Honors Program that gave you a pathway toward success, your generosity has the potential to impact the lives of others. 


"The Honors Program Scholarship gave me the help I desperately needed to attend college.  I thoroughly enjoyed being part of an enriched academic environment that provided me with the intellectual and social support to reach my full potential - professionally and personally.” ~ Anam Rabbani, Honors Program 2016

I urge you to turn your heartfelt feeling for our institution into action.  Giving doesn’t get any easier.  You can donate on line at, via phone at 631-451-4458 or send a donation to Suffolk Community College Foundation, 533 College Road, Selden, NY  11784; Attn:  Honors Alumni Scholarship Fund.  If you have specific questions, you can contact Maggie Eng-Salvaggio at 631-451-4458.

Together with gifts from other philanthropic alumni, your support will ensure future generations receive honors scholarships and enable SCCC to keep up with our students growing financial needs.



Sylvia A. Diaz, PhD, LMSW
Executive Director
Suffolk Community College Foundation


P.S.  Please consider making a gift to the Honors Alumni Scholarship Fund today!  One gift can make a difference in the life of an Honors student.


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