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Dr. Robert J. Frey Family Foundation Scholars

Scholarship recipients with emphasis or planning to embark upon a career in math-related field.

Plaque Frey Scholars 2017

The Frey Family Foundation Scholarship awarded to mathematics majors provides $20,000 per academic year to deserving students.

“The scholarship has provided nearly $270,000 in awards since 2004 to 30 students,” said Sylvia A. Diaz, Ph.D., LMSW, executive director of the Suffolk Community College Foundation.

“You not only helped me financially,” Favilla told Frey, “but you reminded me of what it feels like to be a winner again. Your scholarship helped me pay for my entire first semester at Stony Brook University, freeing me up to work and save for my senior year, and now I am debt free." - Quinn Favilla '14

Interested in reconnecting with other Dr. Robert Frey Family Foundation Scholars, contact Professor Lisa Teason.

If you would like to establish an alumni group please contact 


Congratulations 2024 Scholars (L-to-R) William Mirabella, Deniz Sanchez, Rebecca Wong (Not Pictured)

Congratulations 2023 Scholars

<Photo not currently available>

Brett Azzara 

Alparslan Kilinc

Alparslan Kilinc 

Congratulations 2022 Scholars Brett Azzara and Alparslan Kilinc 


Selin Ikiz

<Photo not currently available>

Anex Johnson


Rosseleen Nunez

Congratulations 2021 Scholars Anex Johnson, Rosseleen Nunez, Selin Ikiz

<Photo not currently available>

Austin DeMurley


Brian Nelson

<Photo not currently available>

Rachell Paz

Congratulations 2020 Scholars Austin DeMurley, Brian Nelson, Rachell Paz

Frey Scholars 2019

Congratulations 2019 Scholars (L-to-R:) Carel Garbers, Joseph Lombardo, Amanda Pacholik

Frey Scholars 2018

Congratulations 2018 Scholars (L-to-R:) Alex Dzieman, Linh Cai, Michael Cenzoprano

Frey Scholars 2017

Congratulations 2017 Scholars (L-to-R:) Juan Gabriel Purugganan, Karina Peña Morales and Joseph Marchisella

Buket Agdere
Eliza Arango
Anya Bagnato
Patrick T. Brady
Jeffrey Brown
Linh Cai
Kristen Campo
Peter Caracaterra
Michael Cenzoprano
Nizar Chrabekh
Martin Curley
Austin DeMurley
Joseph Dinero
Alex Dzieman
Quinn Favilla
James Fuoco
Carel Garbers
Jieyi Guan
Kevin Holochwost
Selin Ikiz
Bryan Jerome
Anex Johnson
Shailee Joshi
Dilek Kucuk
Raymond Lahovitch
Chun Shing Leung
Joseph Lombardo
Jian Lu
Joseph Marchisella
Melissa Marx
Brian McEntee
Rachael Millings
James Minard
William Mirabella
Saida Mohibi
James Mott
Hassan Mujeeb
Paul Munoz
Brian Nelson
Rosseleen Nunez
Ericka Ochoa
Do Young Om
Amanda Pacholik
Michael Parente
Natalie Patrizio-Tully
Rachell Paz
Karina Peña Morales
Juan Gabriel Purugganan
Timothy Quintero
Gavin Rodgers
Deniz Sanchez
Shirin Shannon Setayesh
Christopher Teachey
Anh Ung
Rebecca Wong
Gennero Voccia


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